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  Residual Fertilizer
Type and Amount
: Residual fertilizer composite 20kg/bag
Main Ingredients
- Organics: more than 25%
- Ratio to Organics to Nitrogen: less than 50%
- Salt : below 1.0 %
- Moisture: below 55 %
- Vegetable residuals: 70% fish cake: 20% cereals 10%
Features and Effects

1. A fertilizer that is made up of fully-fermented high-quality organic ingredients that requires no secondary

2. Safe to use in nursery and green house.
3. Effective in improving soil quality and helping to cultivate healthy crops.
4. It is granulated so it is easy to apply and prevents loss of soils.
5. Suitable for growing fruit vegetables, leaf and stem vegetables and root vegetables and enables high-quality
    crops in a large quantities.
Standard application based on manuring criteria
: Amount used: based on 300 pyeong (10 a )
Classification Crop name Areas Fertilizer amount (kg)
Green vegetables melon. watermelon. cucumber.
tomato. strawberry
10a 1500~2000
cabbage. lettuce. radish. carrot 10a 1000~1500
potato. garlic. onion. pepper 10a 1500~2000
Fruits apple. pear. grape 10a 1500~2000
peach. chestnut. mulberry. jujube 10a (adjust according
to age)
tangerine. persimmon. plum. apricot 10a
Cash Crops ginger. sesame 10a 1500~2000
ginseng. tobacco. pear 10a 1500~2000
Humulus. medicinal herbs 10a 1200~2000
kiwi 10a 1800~2400
Green tea 10a 1800~2400
corn 10a 1200~1400
Gardening garden trees. street trees 10a 1200
Lawn Type Amount used
For single use (100m²) for ridging (100m²) for developing (100m²)
Green 20~30kg 10~20kg 50~100kg
Fair-way 10~20kg 20~30kg 50~100kg
T ground 20~30kg 20~30kg  
Divot 30kg about 1/3 of ridging  
Special Notes
1. if you use bed soil, thoroughly mix 2 bags (40kg) in one cultivator
2. If you use bed soil, mix it 5 days before use.
3. When you apply additional fertilizer, please make sure not to make direct contact with leaf or roots.
    During seeding, make sure not to make direct contact with seeds.
4. It should not be mixed with calcium fertilizer, tree ashes, chemical fertilizer, agrichemicals (especially, sterilizer)
    (it is prohibited to use calcium fertilizer within one week).
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