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 Prime Calcium Fertilizer

  Prime Calcium FertilizerPrime Calcium Fertilizer
Type and Amount
: Shell Calcium fertilizer -10kg/bag 300g/bottle
Main ingredients Marsh clams 100%
More than 40% alkali flour 40%
Characteristics and expected effects of use

1. Prime Calcium is a product that uses marsh clams as main ingredient then heats them in high temperature
    over 700℃. It helps to kill insects and sterilization and natural water-soluble zincs and various minerals in
    marsh clams promote crops nutritional balances to make them healthy.

2. It adjusts the acidity in soil and promotes roots’ healthy growth and the absorption and movement of various
3. It multiplies microbes in soil to assist crops’ physiological function.
4. It is effective in forming flower buds, reducing frost damage, suppressing overgrowth and for the prevention
    and the occurrence of various physiological problems due to highly acid soil and the lack of calcium.
5. It is very useful in eliminating remaining agrochemicals in crops.
6. It is disintegrated and absorbed by microbes right after fertilization.
7. It helps early growth of crops and facilitates ventilation by removing moss in soil.
Fertilization standards
Classification How to use Others
basal fertilizer type Use 10kg for 330m² - adjust the amount according to
   the condition of soil and crops
- Use in soil sterilization with prime
   Calcium and bone meal
Foliar type Dilute 300g in 250ℓ water for 10 a Nut / vegetables/ Fruits, etc/
- when growing and planting nursery crops
- When flower buds are forming
Special Notes
: When you use Prime Calcium for basal fertilizer as immature fertilizer and basal fertilizer, plow 10 days before
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