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Type and Amount
: 20Kg
Phosphoric acid
Soybean cake,
Rice bran oil cake, Oilcake
1 1.5
Features and Effects

1. Easy to use by granulation of the product by adding aerotropism microbes to oil cakes such as soybean
     cake, rice bran oil cake, oilcake as main ingredients.

2. Saebaram composite oil cake improves soil structure and thus prevents continuous cropping and various
     damages by blight and harmful insects and revitalizes roots and leaves by reviving soil depth and helps
     fruiting and coloring and improves taste and quality by strengthening flower buds.
3. Saebaram composite oil cake contains various nutrients and organic materials suitable for fruits, green
     vegetables and root crops and it enables abundant yields of high-quality crops .
4. It is granulated so it is easy to apply and prevents loss of soils.
5. It has excellent snail-repelling effects.
6. It increases the propagation of useful microbes in soils.
     [Microbes will be naturally vitalized when good quality microbes are supplied to domestic soil microbes
     suffering from pesticides and herbicides.]
Standard application based on manuring criteria
: 2kg per every 3.3 square meters and adjust according to soil and crops
Fruit trees
General crops ( 10 a )
Apple, persimmon, pear,
mandarin, grape, etc.
Green vegetables Fruits Root vegetables Flooring grass tobaccos Lawn
Young trees: 1~3kg
Adult trees: 10~15kg
400~600kg 500~600kg 400~600kg 400~600kg 100~400kg
As for general tree
management, adjust the
quantity according to soil
and the age of trees
Outdoor cultivation- use it as a base
fertilizer 10~20 days Facility cultivation - prior
to seeding after plowing
After seeding, carry out seeding 10~20 days before.  
How to utilize additional fertilizer
: Mix 60kg Saebaram composite oil cake with 2kg macarin for foliar and use in 10a.
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