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  Micro-Element Composite Fertilizer
Type and Amount
: Micro-element composite fertilizer 500cc
Key ingredients Including soluble silicic acid
Micro-element fertilizer Si , B , Mo
Features and Effects

1. With excellent absorption and moving rates, it helps plants to have thick leaves and to stand straight while
    water-soluble boron assists blooming and making fruits and minimizes plants’ physiological problems
    such as drying up of growth point and decaying of reproduction cells and becoming cork.

2. By reinforcing crops’ cells to improve their resistance to diseases and harm caused by insects
3. By transforming non-soluble phosphoric acid to soluble, it improves the effects of fertilizer and reduces
    salt accumulations
4. By reducing moisture evaporation, it improves crops ability to withstand draught and various natural disasters
    (cold damage and abnormal climate)
5. As it increases the number of roots to absorb nutrients, it keeps plants growing
Siliziumís Characteristics and fertilization effect
1. Our product has no concentration barrier caused by successive application and increases disease tolerance by
     making cells of plant strong.
2. Our product reduces fixation of available phosphoric acid to aluminum by combining with active aluminum, etc that
     fix phosphoric acid in soil.
3. Our product promotes fertilizer effect and reduces salt accumulation by solubilizing the insolubilized phosphoric
     acid, etc, making high yield available.
4. Good absorption and transitivity make leaves of plant thick and erect, leading to good condition to accept light.
5. Storage period gets long after harvesting of fruit trees and fruits and vegetables and dried grains with hard and
     compact quality remains heavy.
6. Moss in a greenhouse soil decreases and being effective in increasing soil temperature in winter.
7. Abundant fruit-bearing, increased sugar content and prompt maturity.
8. Unique characteristics of varieties are well shown, and scent peculiar to crops is strong and their hardness
     heightens storage ability.
9. Help the absorption of phosphoric acid, making sugar content, taste and flavor get better.
Standard Fertilization
1. Keunsarang Perfusion 500cc: 40cc in 18L
2. Dilute Keunsarang 1000 cc in 450 L water for 5 a
Special notes
1. Never use it with agrichemicals as it is strong akaii product.
2. Do not mix with calcium nitrate.
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