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 Foliar Fertilizer for Cultivation

  Foliar Fertilizer for Cultivatio
Type and Amount
: For cultivation / For flowers (3KG)
  Hansarang is a smaller and improved version of macarin Q-108 that can gather the maximum effect with
  small amount.
Oyster Shell More than 40% of alkali flour
Others standards: use the same flour for those granules that pass more than 98% of fineness
1680㎛ or more than 60% of fineness 595㎛
Characteristics and fertilizing effects

1. This product reduces the problems of repeated cultivation and helps grow strong roots to make crops

2. It strengthens crops resistance to diseases as it helps absorbing and moving within the plants to make
    the crop cells healthier.
3. It increases crops’ roots and thickens their leaves so that beneficial for prevention of harmful insects and
4. It is ideal to use when there is a possible problem with greater straw and lesser harvesting due to excessive
    nitrogen in cultivating crops.
5. It is a product that utilizes water-soluble siliic acid that transforms non-soluble phosphoric acid into soluble
    ones to increase the effectiveness of fertilization and ensures good harvest.
6. It prolongs the storage life of fruits and fruit vegetables and prevents fruit cracking.
7. It is highly effective in enhancing original tastes and flavors of crops. As for fruit vegetables, they become
    heavier with more solid fleshes.
8. It is granulized in a way to be absorbed in soil to be fit to growing period of crops.
How to use and things to note
1. Seeding: fertilize it 10 days before planting.
2. It can also be used during the growth period after roots have settled.
3. It can be sued for growing nursery corps with right amounts.
4. For flowers: 3kg for 10a / for cultivation: 2kg for 10a
5. It should not be mixed with agrichemicals.
Fertilization standards
Hansarang Fertilization standards ( based on10a)
Crop name Time to use Amount used effectiveness
rice Before transplanting~ cultivating 6~9kg Prevent moss, overgrowth, salt problem,
strengthen disease and insects, rooting,
improve quality of rice and mature rates
pepper, tomato, cucumber, melon, strawberry, watermelon, etc. basal fertilizer or around 20 days after planting 6~12kg Reduce salt-related problem,
anthracnose and epidemic, improve
root growth, sugar content, storage life,
problem with watermelon, and bland
taste melon
garlic, onion, potato, carrot, radish, ginseng, etc. basal fertilizer or around 90 days after planting 6~12kg Improve tastes, storage life; reduce yellow-disease, and root decaying, anthracnose and epidemics
grape, cheonhaehang, pear, apple, etc. Feb.~ Nov. 1 week 1kg Improve tastes, sugar content, color; prevent anthracnose and epidemics
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