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 Planttonic Chitin

  Chitin Fertilizer
Type and Amount
: 500cc/ bottle
Main ingredients Extract Chitin of crustacean such as insects and craps
Micro-element fertilizer B Mo
Features and Effects

1. It is extracted from crustaceans such as insects and crabs and from plants and it propagates microbes
    beneficial for soil and keeps plants healthy by correcting salt and acid soil due to repeated cultivation.

2. Prevent and control damages by blight and harmful insects
3. When root growth is slow and becomes decaying
4. When sugar content drops with poor color
5. To grow crops healthier and glossy
6. When leaves turning yellow due to insufficient nutrition
7. To prevent and solve cold damage
8. When budding stops
9. To mitigate damage from chemicals.
PLANTTONIC CHITINís Characteristics and fertilization effect

1. CHITIN, having a cation, immediately combines with anionic bacteria, thus it has an effect to prevent the
     growth of bacteria.
2. When CHITIN is absorbed into crops, it is absorbed fast and also promotes the function of physiological
     control and the activation of cells,  as it is decomposed into glucosamine by lysozyme. 
3.  As the amino and carboxyl groups of CHITIN are combined with calcium, it has an effect to promote easy
     absorption of calcium. 
4. Its excellent function of adsorbing and removing heavy metals can help crops grow healthily. 
5. If CHITIN is used with an agricultural chemical, it generates the effect with the protection of crops by weakening
     the toxicity, as it is separated and discharged gradually by lysozyme after combining each other.  

Composition of CHITIN

solutions from the decomposing crabs
refined salt
starch syrup
vinegar made from the fermented brown rice

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Manufacturing of Chitin
1. Grind crabs and shrimps and boil them.
2. Mix it with other materials and dissolve it.
3. Boil it for a second time.
4. Mix it with the vinegar made from fermented brown rice.
How to use
: For foliar application, dilute 500cc in 450ℓ water for 10 a
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