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 Calcium Macarin for Basal Fertilizer

  Calcium Macarin for Basal Fertilizer
Type and Amount
: Shell Calcium macarin/ for basal fertilizer: 10kg/pag for foliar 2kg/pack 400g/bottles
Shell Calcium More than 40% of alkali flour
Other standards use the same flour for those granules that pass more than 98% of fineness
1680 ㎛ or more than 60% of fineness 595 ㎛
Characteristics and Expected effects of use

1. Environmentally-friendlly macarin is excellent in soil improvement with its lime-substituting effects and as
    a feed for soil microbes

2. It helps multiply crops’ fine roots by structuring soil to form multiple grains with activation of soil microbes.
3. It has a significant effect on root protection from flood damage such as typhoons.
4. It has a positive impact on keeping desirable distances between plants and suppressing overgrowth
    depending on the amount used.
5. It keeps a healthy growing point and helps firm rooting and sap movements to help keep crops healthy and
    prolong storage life.
6. It improves the color and sugar content of crops to make them delicious and attractive.
7.It prevents the accumulation of salt and cold-weather damage while thickening crops’ leaves to withstand
    damage by blight and harmful insects.
8. It keeps a nutritional balance in crops to prevent fruit from falling and cracking.
How to use
Classification How to use Others
basal fertilizer type Use 10kg for 330m² Adjust amount depending on the condition of soil and crops
foliar fertilizer type Dilute 2kg in 900~1260 ℓ water Nut / vegetables/ Fruits, etc/
Application for Fruits :

1.2 times after sulfur treatment
2. 2~3 times during the growth period
3. 1~2 times during the rainy season
4.1 time application 15 days before harvesting
Special Notes
1. foliar fertilizer type: As it is organic it could have some remnants so use gauze to filter before use.
2. basal fertilizer type: As it is manufactured as granules, the remaining products after use should be kept in
    an air-tight container in a dry place.
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