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 Bone Meal Fertilizer

  Bone Meal Fertilizer
Type and Amount
: Organic fertilizer, Bone Meal 10kg/bag 500g/bottle
Main ingredients Main ingredients cow bone, pig bone 100%
phosphoric acid 20~30 %
nitrogen 1 %
Features and Effects

1. Specially processed high-concentration organic calcium phosphate that is made up of heat-treated 100%
    cow bones or pig bones, it prevents the problem of repeated cultivation and acidification while helping to
    grow healthy roots by promoting natural microbes that are beneficial for soil and have a good absorption

2. It is highly effective in growing roots and fine roots and improves crop quality in terms of sweetness and
3. It helps transform insoluble phosphoric acid into soluble and prevent physiological diseases by reducing
    salt problem and sap movement.
4. In using for fruit vegetables or lawn, it helps prevent early aging by growing healthy roots.
5. Excellent in improving fruit color and sugar content, when using as a basal fertilizer, it promotes the
    propagation of benign microbes. Bone Meal 30kg: use 10 a
Fruits. garden trees General crops Cash Crops Others
apple, persimmon, tangerine,
peach, grape, pear, chestnut
Green vegetables Fruit vegetables Root vegetables ginseng medicinal herbs tobacco/
Based on 10 year old: 1kg 20~30kg 20~30kg 20~30kg 30~50kg 20~30kg 10~30kg
1. basal fertilizer” 10kg: use for 330m² ~660m²
2. foliar fertilizer: 500g: diluting 369ℓ in water to use for 1000m²
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