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 Amino-acid liquid fertilizer

  Amino-acid liquid fertilizer
Type and Amount
: Amino-acid liquid fertilizer 10 ℓ
Main ingredients Fermented Amino-acid byproduct fertilizer (liquid) 100%
nitrogen 4 %
Features and Effects

1. Amino-acid liquid fertilizer is a fermented product that is excellent in resisting germs, with ability to thicken
    and polish the crops’ leaves and has some know-how that makes birds such as sparrows and magpies
    avoid the crops

2. It helps crops suffering from insufficient sunlight
3. It enhances original colors of flowers and fruits
4. It reduces the damage by blight and harmful insects as it helps grow healthy crops
5. Its various ingredients strengthen distinctive tastes and flavors of fruit vegetables with its abundant nutrients.
6. It is ideal during the rainy season where sunshine is scarce. In wintertime, it has a great effect when using it
    with lukewarm water in the morning.
7. It grows the flesh of fruits and makes them shiny.
Standard fertilization
: Perfusion 10ℓ – dilute by 300 times ~ 500 times
Classification Applicable crops How to use and
amount to use
frequency remarks
nursery   Spray 500 times
liquid on leaves
(20cc in 10ℓ water)
once every week  
spraying Fruits such as apple, persimmon, grape, etc. Spray 300~500
times liquid on leaves
(30~40cc in 15ℓ
once every week Please keep the recommended concentration
(dilute rates) rate
Fruit vegetables such as melon, watermelon, cucumber, tomato, strawberry, pepper, etc. Spray 300~500 times liquid on leaves
(1ℓ liquid fertilizer
in 15-18mal water)
once every week
Leave and stem vegetables, Roots vegetables
Spray 300~500
times liquid on leaves
once every week
Fine stems 500 times once every week
irrigation   300 times 15 days before
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