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Company History
Started with patents [Solid fertilizer production methods using human wastes]
Founded [Poongjun Fertilizer] at Gachun-ri, Samnam-myeon, Ulju-gun, Gyungnam,
  Korea Registration No1 in by-product fertilizer compost SAMJEON
Obtained permission for by-product fertilizer compost [Neorin, Dried chicken powder]
Changed name to [Samjeon Fertilizer] and moved to Jangrim-dong, Saha-gu, Busan, Korea
Registered by-product amino acid fermentation (liquid) [Biomin]
Moved to 1125-1 Woogye-ri, Sangdong-myeon, Kimhae, Gyungnam, Korea
Obtained permission for shell-fossil [Prime calcium, Bionical]
Registered organic fertilizer [Bone Meal]
Registered mixed oil cake [Saebaram]
Registered fourth-grade composite fertilizer [Neogreen]
Registered micro urea composite fertilizer [Pure Chitin, Hansarang, Keunsarang]
Obtained Compost Manufacture Number 2000-9 from National Agricultural
  Cooperative Federation
Registered sulphuric acid magnesia fertilizer
Registered amino acid fermentation (foil)
Developed [Macarine]
Obtained [Macarine] Patent No 0432418
Appointment No 2004-23 for Promising Small and Medium Business for Export
Quality Management System Certification KA A 9001:2001/ ISO 9001:2000
Venture Company Certification 062122031-1-00136
Confirmed as Research Development Exclusive Department
Technology Innovative Small and Medium Business (INNO-BIZ) Certification No 6115-2376
Environment Management System Certification: KS A 14001/ISO 14001:2004
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