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Company Overview
Address 1125-1, Wugye-ri, Sangdong-myeon, Gimhae-si, Gyeongnam, Korea
TEL +82-55-323-6400
FAX +82-55-323-6415
Date of establishment Apr. 1976
No. of employees 12 Per.
Products Organic fertilizers made up of environmentally friendly ingredients
Samjeon Fertilizer has been advocating green farming for the past 30 years and is the first company authorized to
produce by-product fertilizers in Korea. We are living proof of organic fertilizer and a passionate company which
concentrates on developing the highest-quality products.

We obtained Quality Management System (KS A 9001:2001/ISO 9001:2000) in 2005, certified as a venture company
in 2006 as well as Certification of Technology Innovative Small and Medium Business (INNO-BIZ), Certification of Environmental Management System (KS A 14001:2004/ISO 14001:2004) and has received confirmation as a
department for exclusive research and development from KOITA under the awareness that technology innovation is
not an exclusive possession for advanced industries only, but foods are much more important. Also, we are a
manufacturer which focuses on technology-intensive research striving for research and development and promoting
industry-academy cooperative tasks by being assigned technology innovative project tasks from the Ministry of
Commerce, Industry and Energy.

1) Goal: ”Farmers becoming rich” that is the goal of Samjeon!

2) Vision: To improve people’s health and increase happiness through good-quality foods that grow in healthy soil,
by reviving the soils by developing organic farming among green farming methods so our descendants can live in
this land without any worries.

3) Main Businesses of Samjeon: The main business of Samjeon is helping farmers to revive soils and produce
good-quality foods at lower costs and reduced labor by supplying and producing organic fertilizers that circulates
nature by assigning functions through the development of technology and positively utilizing the by-products of
nature by freeing from existing farming practices using chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

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