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CEO Greetings

I tremble at the fact that all sorts of unknown diseases are threatening us and it is not restricted to others.

We sometimes hear that many people who have been greatly suffering from diseases such as cancer and atrophy
recover their health by spending time in the mountains where the air is fresh, their minds are relaxed and they can
grow and eat their own vegetables themselves. However, we live in a global world without knowing how to remove
oneself from the boundary called society where we constantly interact.

We even have to be aware of national and international circumstances. The struggle to survive in those circumstances
is the task that a country and individuals have to fight for their own survival.

It is true that our agricultural industry has been treated badly since it is not a high-value added industry in fierce
competition to survive until the present day. However, many people on Earth have been looking for better environments
and foods that are healthy, good to look at as well as tasty.

The world is creating one big market called FTA and the answer to survive in this is a high-quality functional organic
fertilizer which tastes good, is good to look at and which can care for the health. It was really difficult to produce organic fertilizers since it is not an industry that can be accomplished overnight and it was for preserving fertilizers. We now can
repay this with healthy and tasty crops through the strong faith and will of farmers.

It has been more than 30 years since the production of products exclusively for organic farming began and it is all thanks
to the diligent farmers who made us feel this much pride and worth. We are about to construct columns and girders on a strong foundation. We will do our best to become a trustful partner who can not be ignored in the process of preparing
healthy foods for people of the world.

I would like to thank all farmers who have been caring for and supporting us to become Samjeon of today and we promise
to be the leader in organic farming who will always improve together with our partners.

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